First Pitch

Exterior Cleaning

NO Pressure cleaning means NO Damage and NO Problems

First Pitch Exterior Cleaning is committed to providing the Okanagan with premium service.  Our qualified team will get the job done right!  Just email or call 778-931-1202 to schedule your free quote.


Pressure Washing

Yes First Pitch Exterior Cleaning does do pressure washing, as there are some jobs soft washing just can't do as well, such as concrete. We pressure wash or surface clean driveways, concrete walls and  patios.

Window Cleaning

First Pitch Exterior Cleaning uses squeegees, waterfed poles and 4 stage water filtration to get your windows the cleanest they can be!  With the use of purified water and 4 stage water filtration there will be NO streaks left!

House Washing

First Pitch Exterior Cleaning is the Okanagan's soft washing specialists. The use of no pressure on your roof, siding, soffits, or gutter faces means there will be no damage to your home or your roof.  Pressure washing can take years of life off your roof and siding.  Why use pressure when soft washing systems kill and remove all dirt, microorganisms, moss, mold, and mildew without any damage?

Roof Cleaning

During the cleaning of a roof we use no pressure, scraping, or any techniques or tools that will damage and take years of life off your roof.   We simply apply our softwash solution killing all moss, mold and microorganisms, we then rinse the roof without pressure and clean and remove all dead moss off site.

It is very important to kill the microorganisms growing on the roof, if only a pressure washer or scraper is used to remove the moss it will simply regrow within 6 months to a year causing damage to your roof without removal of the growth.

Gutter Cleaning

First Pitch Exterior Cleaning will clean and inspect all gutters by hand so down spouts will never plug, we will then remove all gutter debris off site. For problem areas ask about the installation of gutter guards and similar products.